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  • CM-15024 CoolMay
Hình: CM-15024


Nhà sản xuất: Coolmay

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CM15024 power supply features:
- Ultra-wide input voltage range 88-264VAC
- Protection function with short circuit, overload and over voltage
- Natural cooling
- Working temperature up to 70 ° C

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1. Advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology
2. Using imported switch power supply dedicated driver chip
3. Ultra-wide input voltage range 88-264VAC or 125-373VDC
4. Use high temperature electrolytic capacitor to ensure system reliability
5. Soft start current, effectively reduce transient voltage shock
6. Short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection and other functions
7. Natural heat dissipation, stable performance and high reliability
8. Average trouble-free working time up to 100,000 hours
9. Small and beautiful, mini size 159*97*38mm
10. Screwed, flat or 90 degree mounting
11: Output voltage: DC24V
12: Load current 6.5A
13: Output accuracy: 1%
14: Output efficiency: 89%