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  • CX3G-32M CoolMay
Hình: CX3G-32M


Nhà sản xuất: Coolmay

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Product parameters:

1. The analog input type is 0-10V/4-20MA/0-20MA/PT100/PT1000/EKSJ type thermocouple/NTC10K/NTC50K/NTC100K and other special specifications. Output type is 0-10V / 0-5V / 0-20mA / hybrid type optional
2. communication port: comes with 1 RS232 port and 2 RS485 ports
3. high-speed counting input conventional 2-channel single-phase (X0/X3) or 2-way AB phase (X0-X1/X3-X4) 10KHz; up to special custom 3-way AB phase (2-channel AB phase 100KHz, 1-way AB) Phase 10KHz) or 6-channel single-phase (4-channel single-phase 100KHz, 2-way single-phase 10KHz)
4. high-speed pulse output Y0/Y1/Y6/Y7 conventional 20KHz, up to 5 custom 200KHz.

Trạng thái:

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1. Compatible with Mitsubishi Software GX8.52/WORKS 2;
2. It can be specially encrypted. If the password is set to 12345678, illegal reading is completely prohibited.
3. The switch quantity and analog quantity are highly integrated and can be flexibly selected;
4. Rail mounting and fixing hole installation are two installation methods, which is convenient to install;
5. The appearance is flat, 36mm thickness, occupying a small space;
6. Powerful, basically can meet all the requirements of small and medium-sized equipment;
7. Opening size: 117*99mm;
8. Dimensions: 125*90*36mm.